Trust and Internet Identity Meeting Europe
2013 - 2020: Workshops and Unconference

TIIME 2013 Tuesday Session 3: Trust Frameworks beyond Sectors: Release of attributes, LoA

Who is currently actually doing anything in this space? SIR and the Danes. Technical interoperability but have we do anything about the attributes? SIR have a sort of ontology mapping but this not be scalable.

UK: not much progress on cross sectors but there are clear spaces where we have different attribute requirements – such as ‘date of death’ within the government space.

LOA or security classes? AConet looking at a more holistic approach with the concept of security class. The role of device plays a part in this. It is clear that there are many different interpretations of how to provide LOA.

Cross-sector trust framework within a single country is still to be achieved.

Edugain and LOA? Edugain has no role within that space – an IdP could assert a high LOA but edugain has no role within that. There are likely to be layers built on top of this to achieve specific mutli-lateral use cases.

Entity Categories plus code of conduct to help with the idea of getting metadata flowing to improve the usability of interfederation

Has there ever been a government that hasn’t just said ‘we are the government, we make the rules’?

Is education a good guinea pig case for egovernment stuff, like e recognition? Is that a way to sell nren space into government as a useful partners?

The problem of the market driver of wanting to gather identity information.