Trust and Internet Identity Meeting Europe
2013 - 2020: Workshops and Unconference

TIIME 2017 Session 2: Using eID

(Pieter van der Meulen)**

How can we use this system?

The government will take care of it; the challenge is the usability of the government authentication, for example from a passport, and it can get hard to track.

Someone may not have the government id, ids can also change. Those are the biggest problems with the idea, for example if we change our bank information, if we get a new password. We also get a new identifier so there is a big problem with that.

eID systems promise in general much more than we can get.

There are big differences from country to country which makes it difficult to apply the system globally.

The problem with that lies that other countries would have trouble accessing this data from another country.

If we look at the Netherlands it has a very expensive, paper based which makes a problem to connect all those bodies. If someone loses for example their passport they should be able to make a new passport from let's say their driving license. Each country has their own way of enrolling to their id but then there is a mutual recognition which makes it multinational, if it is good enough for one country it should be good enough for other countries as well. This can be handled with a level system. Let's say if someone reaches level 2 out of 3 then he is good enough to be internationally recognized. The government is preferred in this system over the private sector. This should be run by the government and not by private corporates like Google and Facebook.

It is easy to look at the downsides but there is huge potential especially for the private sector. The idea is to have more than one id and there is also this option to close an id and open a new one so it will not be persistent. If we use a derived id and not the government id that means that the user is under contract, so there is a high liability problem. The contractor can set a contract as he wishes with the terms and conditions he wishes.