Trust and Internet Identity Meeting Europe
2013 - 2020: Workshops and Unconference

OSS IDM and Identity Governance

(Radovan Semancik)

Presenter shares drawing about components in AAI. Positions midPoint ( ), Perun ( and Syncope ( ) as IDM-component within AAI. Attending the session are devs of midPoint and Perun.

Question of devs is: who is using what for what components of AAI and what could midPoint and Perun learn from this.

One attending federation is using WSO2 ( ).

Fyi, regarding open source tools for AAI: SURFnet has open sourced a group management solution, Group Hub (, trying to solve the problem:

- IT controls the AD (IDM) and does not want teachers etc to edit the AD
- Teachers work with groups for projects with students etc but don't have tools, so they end up using Excel etc

GroupHub is a tool institutions can have teachers manage groups in, where you can sync those groups with the AD/IDM and through VOOT with tools like SURFconext Teams. Source at GitHub: . Lots of doc only in Dutch; contact when you want more info ;-).