Trust and Internet Identity Meeting Europe
2013 - 2020: Workshops and Unconference


(Heather Flanagan)

Heather Flanagan, presents slides explaining what RA21, , is about.

In 2016 some publishers concluded using IP-based access control to their content was not ideal and they wanted to know whether there was a new best practice for arranging access (see for more info, based on )

Patrick Curry shares he is involved in another (Australian) initiative that looks at how to protect Intellectual Property, prevent content being shared, access etc.; he sees a large overlap with what RA21 is trying to solve from anther requirement.

Heather shows how many clicks a user needs to do before accessing content off-campus.

There are 3 pilots

One commercial, in pharmacy Privacy Preserving Persistent WAYF (P3W, using pyFF) (user choice is stored in the browser) WAYF Cloud - a shared discovery service based on centralized information sharing (user choice is stored centrally)

These pilots are working together with UI-people and security-people (CISO’s).

Mads from WAYF (DK) wonders whether WAYFless URLs could be useful. See google -> wayfless urls) is mentioned by Peter (not as a solution for what RA21 is looking for, but fyi as guidelines on discovery).

During the plenary session a EU initiative was presented “Next Generation Internet”, which also deals with discovery: could there be a relation? > -> next generation internet.