Trust and Internet Identity Meeting Europe
2013 - 2020: Workshops and Unconference

Remote Identification

(Peter Clijsters)

Slides, including remote vetting options and pros and cons, at

Keep an eye on in the coming weeks where we will be publishing a blog on this and publish the complete research report.

A report researching options for remote vetting is being finalized and will be public in the next couple of weeks. Probably Googling for “SURFnet remote vetting” will get you to that report as soon as it is released

Mobile app with NFC technology. Example: limited to Android only (background, from “we were very happy when Apple introduced the iPhone 6 with NFC, and some iPads also have NFC. Starting iOS 11 iOS also provides the possible for third-party app developer to use this NFC capabilities by providing an API. Unfortunately, for now this API is limited to so-called NDEF tags, while to read ePassport chip we need to be able to read so-called ISO 14443 tags (a and b). We hope and think that Apple will make this possible at some point in the not-so-distant future. We do have an iOS implementation for scanning the MRZ (machine readable zone), but not a public demo app for this. And we can use external NFC readers connected via Bluetooth or cable to an iPhone or iPad, contact if you have a use case for this.”)

eIDAS would be a useful standard

Banking system, the gov. doesn’t accept using the identity proofing as a service

In Sweden the try to use the libraries as authenticator.