Trust and Internet Identity Meeting Europe
2013 - 2020: Workshops and Unconference

NGI Trust

(Ruth Puente)

Kantara had decided to run this project to encourage everyone with good ideas to apply. Kantara invited us because of our experience with the US government and the European Commission wanted us to share that experience. Topics are built with the help of advisory board. NGI TRUST is part of a bigger family of projects, what we call the Research and Innovation Actions of the European Commission.

The main objective of creating NGI TRUST was to make a stronger European ecosystem in the field of trust and privacy, also helping to accelerate application and solutions that help the internet to be open One of the other values is that you will not only get the funding from the European Commission but also have technical coaching and business mentoring.

Structure of the funding model: Here is how we structure the funding model, if it is on the early stage we call it viability phase. type 1 ( viability ) - maximal funding 75000Eur and co-funding is not needed like in type 2 and 3. - indicative duration is 6 months. type 2 ( execution) - the more advanced project - funding is divided to direct funding up to 150000eur and to show your commitment you have to provide matching funds up to 75000eur (2/3, or 1/3 model) - indicative duration: 6-9 months type 3 (transition to commercialization) - those projects are closer to the market, expected to have transitioned to commercialization. - funding up to 200000 and the equivalent matching funding has to be provided (50/50) - indicative duration: 12 months The maximum award is 200k so for example if you have Type 1 project funded with 50000 you can later apply with it but for no more than 150000. Overview of project progress: Open call 1 - 109 proposals recieved, - requested 12.487.796 eur,
- funded 18 projects for 2.1 mil eur,
- first round coaching completed. Open call 2 - 79 proposals (48 type 1 projects, 28 type 2 projects, 3 type 3 projects) - funding requested 7,4 mil eur - 105 aplicants from 23 countries

1st call funded projects themes: beyond passwords, better privacy, safer browsing and user control

3rd call priority topics : - better management of consent, to give more control to the user of their data when accessing and using services - technical innovation in privacy-enhancing cryptography, federated identity, security, and privacy. -application of artificial intelligence to serve users interests - bootstrapping trust at the protocol level

indicative areas of concerns : - DNS based security of internet infrastructure, - cybersecurity certification for ICT products, processes, and services, - scientific approach to EU HIGH-level expert group on AI, - mobile driving licenses, - delegation in the context of ID, - Encrypted devices, - how can European grid certificate authorities build up user-friendly mechanisms that promote changed user experience and awareness and addresses forms of identity that comply with EU law and or meet specific European needs.

3rd open call process and timing: - 28th February 2020: Open call launch, - 4 may: deadline for submission, - may: eligibility check and individual evaluations of proposals, - june: meeting of evaluation panel and of NGI_TRust management board to approve list of selected projects, - submission of the list of selected projects to European Commission for final approval, - july 2020 contracting and signature of approved third party grants, - august 2020 - onwards: projects implemented.

Projects also receive coaching from technical experts during the implementation and follow up support on IPR and business mentoring to help implement their solutions The UK will be included. UK applicants are eligible because the UK has already provided funds to NGI

NGI family ongoing projects : - research and innovation actions ( RIAs) NGI0-Discovery/PET; NGI_TRUST; LEDGER - Coordination and Support Actions( CSAs) NGI4ALL; NGI forward; TETRA (technical coaching, mentoring) - EU-US CSAs(co-funding between us and EU, initiative to help projects to scale up ): NGI Explorers; THINK NEXUS

new projects: 
    - RIAs: NGI Pointer (it address more infrastructure aspects); DAPSI (portability); eSSIF- Lab
    - EU-US RIA: NGI Atlantic (lab services for projects)